Workshop on Canonical Text Services


What · With funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Furman University’s Department of Classics is offering a workshop on the Canonical Text Services Protocol.

When · May 19 – 22, 2013.

Where · Greenville, South Carolina, (Wikipedia); Furman University.

Who · Applications will be accepted from anyone interested in learning about exposing canonically cited texts online with CTS. We have funds to pay for travel and lodging for six participants.

How · Apply by e-mail to by January 31, 2013.

Details · Canonical Text Services

CTS is a protocol for a RESTful service providing discovery, identification, and retrieval of passages of text by means of canonical URN citation. The project’s documentation offers this overview of CTS. The protocol has been implemented by the Homer Multitext and by the Perseus Project. This workshop will focus on the Homer Multitext’s implementation of CTS in Google’s AppEngine.

Details · The Workshop

During this four-day workshop, participants will:

In addition, participants will learn:

Requirements for Participation

CTS has no provision for restricted access to content; it is inappropriate for publishing any text that is not freely available, either in the Public Domain or through an Open Content License.

CTS was developed with Latin and Greek in mind, but it has been successfully used for English, French, and Arabic; it should be appropriate for any language that can be represented in Unicode, and any text that has a canonical scheme of citation.

Some experience with XML is probably a prerequisite. Most helpful would be some experience working with command-line tools in Unix, Linux, or DOS. This will be a technical workshop, but programming experience or knowledge is not required.

Staff and Location

Christopher Blackwell (Furman University) and Neel Smith (College of the Holy Cross) will conduct the workshop, which will take place on the campus of Furman University.

Logistics and Money

The Mellon Foundation has provided funds for travel and lodging for six participants, including up to two participants from outside North America. We will happily try to accommodate participants beyond that number who would be willing to fund their own visit to Greenville.


If you are interested in participating, please send an application by e-mail to: by January 31, 2013

Since our funding is limited, please describe in your e-mail how CTS might be relevant to your research and with what texts you are interested in working. In the event that we must select among applicants, we will prefer projects that have some contact with undergraduate education or promise to reach a wide audience.