Images of André Michaux’s Specimens, Jardin des Plantes

An online presentation of working data hosted on the GitHub repository. This is not fully edited, published data!. Any interested person is of course welcome to consult this and use it according to the CC-BY-NC 3.0 license, but expect IDs, data, and links to change without notice at any time.

Notes on use: (1) Your browser’s “Search” or “Find” function will not perform a search of the whole dataset. Instead, use the edit-fields under the column headings to filter the collection. For example, to find all specimens in Volume 18, type “18” in the field under the column heading “Volume”. (2) Click on an Image URN to get a zoomable image; you can download a full-resolution copy from the resulting page as well. (3) Click on a Specimen's URN citation (the first column) to see the data for that specimen alone; that also gives you a URL for linking directly to that specimen. (4) You can resize a column by dragging its edge, or re-order a column by dragging from the middle; your browser should remember your changes from one visit to the next. This last feature uses a cookie, which of course you can disallow if this concerns you.