Alexander the Great

The Story of an Ancient Life

“Ancient writers agree that Alexander was extraordinary, more like a god than a human in the eyes of everyone, especially himself. In writing this brief biography for non-specialists, we accepted the word of those writers based on what seemed plausible to our (necessarily limited) understanding of Alexander’s time and place. Our book, therefore, stands on the assumption that the opinions of the ancients must be given great weight, or the story of Alexander’s life will make no sense at all.”
— T.R. Martin, C.W. Blackwell

This page will be the home for documents related to Alexander the Great, and particularly to the biography of the Macedonian king by Thomas Martin and Christopher Blackwell, forthcoming from Cambridge University Press.

Note: We provide a link (right) to a .kmz file that contains an incredible Google Earth view of the campaigns of Alexander the Great. This file was posted on a bulletin board by a user named “sevenofnine”; we have been unable to contact the author, and the file contains no licensing information. Its creator holds copyright to that document, and we will remove this link to it immediately upon the author’s request. But we would be much more interested in giving full attribution to whoever created this terrific resource and was generous enough to share it with the world. We can be contacted by e-mail.